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Whether you’re a global enterprise or a small business, get the best cloud contact center platform to meet the needs of your company. Promote your products and services, increase productivity, streamline processes and equip your team with tools and training. Seamless integration with your data systems and other applications ensures a reliable, consistent customer experiences, in an OPEX pricing model.

Techmode offers a wide variety of best of breed contact center solutions, including on premise, hybrid or cloud hosted. Have seasonal workers in your call center? We have flexible billing, only pay for agents when you need them most.

Why Choose a Cloud Contact Center?

Increase Your Customer Satisfaction

  • Increased Flexibility and Agility
  • Control Costs
  • Better Appropriate Resources
  • Ease of Administration
  • Lower Cost of Entry for New Systems
Fidelity Connect

With Fidelity Connect software, agents perform all the telephony functions and manage all their communication channels: logging in, viewing customer data, managing emails, chats and recording calls. Click here to learn more about TechmodeGO with Fidelity Connect Multichannel Contact Center.



Workforce Optimization


When it comes to customer satisfaction, call center agents can be a real source of value for a company. Not only are they on the front lines interacting with existing and potential customers, but they also have a great deal of influence over the customer experience, which is critical in today’s customer-centric marketing landscape.Choosing the right contact center management tools is the key to optimizing your workforce.

While call monitoring and conversational (text and speech) analytics are big part of transforming call center performance management, WFO doesn’t begin and end with technology. In fact, a critical component of a WFO solution involves putting the right features and training in the right places to enable the best customer experience.

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