Work from Home. Work on the GO.

What do employees need to work from home? TechmodeGO Flexible Cloud Phone Solution was created to specifically meet the needs of today's mobile workforce. Business today requires more flexibility than ever. We offer businesses the ability to accommodate a mobile workforce, collaborate on the go, and run your business from anywhere.


The TechmodeGO Flexible Cloud Phone Solution does not care where your employees sit or live. At home, in the office, or 100 employees in 100 different locations, we deliver the same, seamless experience.

Work from anywhere with our mobile communication and collaboration apps, your clients will never know you aren't in the office. Share documents, video call, and chat with your employees on the fly, anytime, anywhere. Today's mobile workforce is moving faster than ever and you need a phone system that will keep up with your mobile employees.


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COVID-19 is all we seem to hear about these days and it's causing real business havoc. Just like everyone else, we're concerned for your health and safety but also we are here to help with your business needs.


We would like to help you and your organization ease the transition into remote work for your employees. The options are endless, but a few things we can help with are:


  • Work arounds on your current phone system
  • Implement call forwarding to a cell phone or off premises phone number
  • Providing some or all of your employees in your office with a soft phone to work from home


At Techmode, we are doing our part by working remotely by using our own mobility solutions. We are up and running with full operations as if we were all sitting in our office located in Auburn Hills, MI.


Right now, the best defense to COVID-19 is social distancing to minimize spread of the virus. We know that not every business is as fortunate as we are in terms of being prepared to work remotely for a long period of time. We have the technology and the ability to keep your team productive and your business up and running.


Free Offer Includes:


  • The power to manage your entire phone system remotely
  • Mobile app extends your desk phone to your cell phone
  • Internal instant messaging- to individuals or groups
  • Conference bridges
  • Document sharing
  • Soft phone for web browser
  • Video/Web Meetings

TechmodeGO Flexible Cloud Phone System is Perfect for your Mobile Workforce. Collaborate, Share, and Grow.



  • Easily transport and use desk phone anywhere

  • Work from mobile device

  • Full Call Flow Features- Regardless of location

Meet Remotely


  • Built in conferencing

  • Built in web meetings

  • Built in video meetings



  • Instant Messaging

  • Group Chats

  • Document Sharing

  • Whiteboarding

TechmodeGO. Features and Benefits.

  • Built in E911 Capability
  • No Upfront Labor Costs
  • Private Instances
  • Webchat Integration
  • Collaboration Outside of Org
  • Full PBX Feature Set
  • On Premise or Cloud Hosted Options

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