Jusan Fidelity Connect

Multichannel Cloud Contact Center

Fidelity Connect with TechmodeGO allows you to effectively manage emails, chats and messages on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter from the same interface. Streamline your customer care service with Fidelity Connect Multichannel and resolve your customers’ queries faster and in a personalized way.

Agents and supervisors communicate in real time, with system notifications, to identify and solve issues as they arise.

Web based agent apps allow for quick logins, view waiting calls, answer calls, chat with supervisors or other agents, track breaks, and record calls on demand.

Supervisor tools provide real time updates on agent activities, calls waiting and customer service quality, displayed on a customizable dashboard.

Wallboard modules display call activity, QoS, calls in queue, wait times, agent status and more.

Techmode and Fidelity

TechmodeGO with Fidelity Connect is multichannel, which means you can manage all points of contact with your clients, in one interface. It doesn't matter if the contact comes in as a phone call, Twitter message, Whatsapp, Facebook DM, SMS text or an email. Agents can easily respond to multiple requests via any social medium.

Fidelity Connect is an advanced and cost-effective
Contact Center solution aimed at improving quality of service and providing statistics on the contact center activity. Fidelity Connect allows supervisors to obtain all the relevant information in real time to manage and optimize available resources, and to access a wide range of reports and statistics.

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Techmode and Fidelity have partnered to create a solution that improves your communication, collaboration, and customer service with your call center.

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