Provide a consistent feature set and user experience to all users around the globe. Optimize your business communications with enterprise-class voice, fax, text, call handling, mobile apps, and BYOD capability.
Your cloud phone solution doesn’t require costly and complicated technical specialists. Admins can quickly and easily manage users, locations and devices – anywhere, anytime. Users are empowered to control many of their own settings. You can expect substantial savings in the cloud – up to 60% on your monthly phone expenses. Cloud phone systems do not require any of the capital equipment or hardware costs associated with legacy phone systems. All-inclusive pricing incorporates a rich feature set with low, predictable costs. Choosing a cloud phone system eliminates setup and ongoing maintenance. Phones arrive in days, not weeks – preconfigured, fully provisioned and ready for calls. Just plug phones in to a high-speed internet connection to get started. Since your system is in the cloud, there’s no hardware to maintain; updates and new features appear automatically.
What Are The Benefits Of The Cloud?

Future Proof your Technology with Techmode

Businesses are looking at Techmode as a trusted advisor for future proofing their communication needs. With the rapidly changing technology climate, we specialize in guiding our customers to technology that best suits their business needs today and in the future. Techmode offers robust cloud, hybrid and prem solutions that is secure, redundant and easily accessible. We test and trial new technologies in our own office to ensure they are the very best and most reliable on the market. Don’t waste your time jumping on board with untried technologies. We engineer our systems with integration in mind. We tie best of breed systems together to construct the very best, most secure cloud phone solution for your business needs.
Contact Techmode today or visit our TechmodeGO Cloud Hybrid page and discover how easy it is to migrate your current business phone system to a cloud phone system.

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