TechmodeGO Business Text Messaging. Connect Faster.

allows organizations to utilize SMS/MMS messaging for customer support, recruiting, sales and more.

TechmodeGO SMS and MMS

  • Eliminate phone tag by following up with text messaging instead.
  • Reduce response time- Average response time to a text is 90 seconds.
  • 8x higher engagement rates than email and voicemail.
  • Send announcements to clients without them getting lost in a barrage of emails.
  • Time-Sensitive info? Send text messages to large groups instantly.
  • Work multiple customer service tickets at once, while providing an easy way for clients to provide pictures and additional information.
  • Give your employees a way to text message clients and prospects while the business still owns the phone number.
  • Quickly solve customer issues without keeping anyone on hold.
  • Connect with job leads and send interview reminders.
  • Send announcements to team members in the field or office.

How Businesses Use SMS and MMS

  • Increase productivity and response rates to your business reminders.
  • Integrate SMS in to your sales process and close deals sooner.
  • Decrease call volume by engaging with customers faster.
  • Send discounts and marketing info to new and existing customers.
  • Send appointment and event reminders.

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