Integrated for a Complete Solution.

Techmode offers small business the ability to accommodate a mobile workforce, collaborate on the go, and run your business from anywhere. We are uniquely positioned to help you transition away from your current solution, without breaking the bank. Now, with built in integrations from TechmodeGO to O365, it's even easier to connect your teams from anywhere.

Teams Integration

  • Embed TechmodeGO dashboard into Teams
  • Teams can use TechmodeGO to make calls, internal and external
  • Call reporting and recording
  • File sharing
  • Works with Teams mobile app

Calendar Sync

  • “Show as” in the event switches calendar status to “Do Not Disturb” or “Away”
  • Override sync with “Business Trip” status or by changing manually
  • Automatically switches forwarding profiles
  • Availability status switches back when calendar events end

Contact Sync

  • Automatically sync your personal contacts.
  • Manage all contacts across apps in Microsoft 365.
  • Update shared mailbox contacts with the company phonebook.
  • Call synced contacts directly from the TechmodeGO web or mobile apps.

User Sync

  • Automatically create new extensions from Microsoft 365.
  • Easy tracking in “Azure AD” group in the Management Console.
  • Customize how extension numbers are created.
  • Import extensions from Microsoft 365 for easy setup.

Single Sign On

  • Log in with one click
  • No more lost passwords
  • Easily grant admin access
  • Enable 2 factor authentication

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