Is Techmode GO Cloud Hybrid Phone Solution right for you? More than likely, the answer is yes! Over 80% of businesses today can benefit from migrating to a cloud, hosted or hybrid phone system. CIOs and IT leaders agree, moving your phone system to the cloud allows for increased flexibility, scalability and connectivity in an affordable way. So why choose Techmode?

Techmode has engineered Techmode GO Cloud Hybrid Phone Solution, a world class, highly advanced, extremely flexible hosted phone solution, perfect for small businesses, mid-market businesses and can easily scale up to suit enterprise clients. Techmode GO is specifically designed to help you move from a prem system to the cloud, at the pace that best suits your business.

Free IP Phones
Free Network Assessment
No Upfront Costs

Research shows that by 2022, 78% of small and medium sized will have adopted cloud strategies, that is only 2 years from now. Companies who choose not to transition may struggle to remain competitive, and to grow. Moving to a simple monthly bill, shifting phone system expenses away from CAPEX, into the OPEX technology budget allows companies to free up cash for growth and investment in the future. Easily scale up and down as needed to reduce and control costs, unite workers across multiple locations to improve productivity and communication and improve your customer experience to compete and grow.

Cloud Impacts on Business
With Techmode GO Cloud Hybrid Phone Solutions, there are extremely low or NO startup costs and your system will be highly secure and resilient, downtime will no longer be a detriment to your company. Management and administration with the hosted phone solution is minimal. Techmode GO offers simple, easy to understand one invoice billing, and can be as customized as your business requires, to meet every need. From full cloud, to hybrid to an on premise solution, Techmode GO will streamline every aspect of your business.

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