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Send us someone you think would benefit from TechmodeGo and earn up to $500.

Why Refer Techmode?

Here at Techmode, we are dedicated to client satisfaction. We provide word class, local support while providing best in breed communications solutions.

Your referral means everything to us! We will pay you $200 for every valid referral you submit. If your referral signs up with TechmodeGO, we will pay you the amount of the monthly billing, up to $500. Contracts must be 36 or 60 months, 10 seats or more. You do not need to be a current client to submit.

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I'm Referring Someone

Yes, please fill out the form and we will contact you shortly!

A Techmode team member will reach out to you to set up delivery of your payment, in the form of an Amazon or Visa gift card.

Yes, we offer the option of either a Visa gift card or an Amazon gift card.

Yes! We will send you a $200 gift card for any valid referral you submit, even if it doesn’t sell.

If the person you refer to us purchases a solution, you will receive your payment, equal to their monthly billing, up to $500, after the deal has closed and the first payment has been made. A Techmode team member will be in contact with you through the process.

Your final reward is equal to the monthly billing of the deal, up to $500.

As many as you have! We will send you a $200 gift card for every valid referral.

It is helpful to contact them to let them know! Below these FAQ questions you will find a button to download email content you can use to notify your referral. 

I've Been Referred

We are excited to meet you! Expect a call or email from a Techmode team member within a day. We will ask you some questions, tell you about how our solutions fit with your business, and schedule a demo.

TechmodeGO is a fully featured, best in breed communications platform for business. We offer calling, video, meetings, texting, web chat, contact center features and more, for an affordable price, all in one solution. See below for more information, or see the button to download the brochure above.

Of course, we will give you a $200 gift card for every valid referral you submit. If the deal closes, you will receive additional payment, up to $500. Payments are equal to the monthly billing of the closed deal.

You will receive your reward for $200 in the form of an Amazon or Visa gift card, after you view our product demo.

Absolutely not! When you are referred to us, we will reach out to you, ask some questions about your business, and see how our products could be a fit to improve your business. We will schedule a demo with you, either on site or virtually. Once the demo is completed, you will receive your $200 gift card. There is no obligation to purchase. 

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