Avaya Cloud Office. Is it right for you?

Avaya Cloud Office enables users to realize how easy it is to communicate using an all-in-one solution that delivers calling, team messaging, video conferencing, file sharing and collaboration. Regardless of your workforce location, the types of devices they use, or what environments and applications they work with, Avaya Cloud Office works seamlessly. Avaya predicts that this solution will be the answer to growing demand for an evolving unified communications environment that captures cloud innovation while leveraging existing investments.


But is it the best option?

TechmodeGO Flexible Cloud. Offers.

  • Built for Mobile Workforce
  • Secure Private Instance
  • Powered By AWS
  • Webchat Integration
  • Full Collaboration Suite
  • Built in E911 Capability
  • On Premise or Cloud Hosted Options

Avaya Cloud Office. Offers.

  • Multi Tenant Solution
  • Based on Ring Central Platform
  • 4 License Types
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Ideal for Small Business
  • Industry Standard Feature Set
  • Pure Cloud Offer

TechmodeGO Hybrid. Offers.

  • Hybrid Survivability
  • No Upfront Labor Costs
  • Private Instances
  • Webchat Integration
  • Built for Contact Center
  • Built in E911 Capability
  • On Premise, Hybrid or Cloud Hosted Options

TechmodeGO Flexible Cloud Phone System is built to help businesses collaborate, share, and grow.

Work from anywhere with our mobile communication apps, your clients will never know you aren't in the office. Share documents, video call, and chat with your employees on the fly, anytime, anywhere. Today's mobile workforce is moving faster than ever and you need a phone system that will keep up with your small business.

Private, Individual Instances

With the TechmodeGO Flexible Cloud UCaaS phone solution, your server will always be your own. We give private, individual instances to each and every one of our clients.

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