What is SIP Trunking?

In recent years, companies looking to grow and scale are taking advantage of developments in business communication by moving to SIP Trunking services. Average cost savings for businesses using SIP Trunk services is around 33%, and allows companies to move all their communications expenses to a OPEX style bill.
In addition to a predictable bill and notable cost savings, there are many benefits to using SIP Trunks, such as HD voice calling, disaster recovery and high availability, with exchanges all around the US and the world.
Another excellent benefit to SIP trunking is that a business can buy trunks as they need them, no need to buy big packages when you can scale up on demand. This means spending less money on telephony while getting a high quality system, high availability, and call quality.
Going forward, the telephony industry is going to be an all-IP, cloud connected environment. SIP Trunking will play a major role in the cloud environment – both business-to-business and business-to-consumer calling.
So what exactly is SIP Trunking? Technically, a SIP trunk is a path between two direct static IP connections, tying together your desk phone and your SIP Trunk provider. In layman’s terms, a SIP Trunk is a virtual path over the public internet or VPN that connects your call to the call recipient. When you place your call, the information is encrypted and sent over the internet,, and is picked up by the call recipient on the other end.
In more technical terms SIP Trunking is a VoIP and streaming data service based on the Session Initiation Protocol. This is used to deliver business communications services to customers who have SIP-based IP phones.
Techmode offers SIP Trunking as a service, whether you need 2 lines, or 100. We also offer SIP Trunks in conjunction with our other offerings. Please contact us today with any questions!

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