How to Record an Auto Attendant Greeting in Avaya IP Office

Auto-Attendant facility provides default pre-recorded prompts that play to callers. The administrator can decide whether a prompt provides information only, or presents a menu from which a caller can select options using the phone’s keypad. To record an auto attendant greeting in IP Office, see the instructions below.
The standard prompts that play to callers include:
The System Greeting: “Your call has been answered by an automated communications system”
The Initial Auto Attendant prompt: “If you know your party’s extension, you may dial it at any time. To dial by name, press 9. To reach the operator, press 0. To
retrieve voicemail press #”

The default System Greeting(s) can be changed by recording a new set of greetings and specifying which greeting the auto-attendant will play.
You can record the following system-wide greetings:
Standard system greeting
After hours greeting
Special occasion greeting
To record the message by phone, the user should login into their voicemail box from their handset:
1. Dial the voicemail extension number, by default 101.
2. Enter the PIN to login to the voicemail box. And press #
3. You will hear the main voicemail menu for that user.
4. Press 7 to access system administration option menu.
5. Press 1 to manage the auto attendant prompt and record the greeting.
6. Press 1 to record the auto attendant prompt.
7. After the tone record the prompt followed by the # key. You will then be prompted as follows
8. To listen to the recording press 1
9. To use this recording press 2
10. To delete the recording and try again press 3
11. To cancel press *
12. Once you are happy with the recording log out of the voicemail box.
The recorded greeting now has to be assigned to the Auto Attendant. If you are still experiencing issues with the auto attendant greeting in IP Office, please call us!