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When we were evaluating the possibility of moving our phone system to the cloud, we knew we needed to maintain the feature set that we already had. TechmodeGO was able to give us the advanced features that our business has relied on for years, but now we can use them remotely.
Janet C.
Medical Office Manager
TechmodeGO cloud phone system was a great decision for our business. The company wide chat has greatly reduced the amount of time we spend emailing back and forth, and the on demand video meetings are extremely helpful as well. We are now able to hire people for remote work and have reduced our office space, as well as our phone system costs. I would recommend it to any business.
Jeff S.
Lead Recruiter
We chose to go with TechmodeGO because the Teams integration works so well. We demoed a few different solutions but TechmodeGO worked exactly as advertised and I would strongly recommend it to other offices using Teams.
Dave F.
Chief Operating Officer