Local Township and Fire Department Find Cost Savings and Efficiency with TechmodeGO

Client Overview The Local Township Government and Fire Department faced numerous communication challenges, including inefficient call routing, outdated equipment, and a lack of integration across departments. They required a robust, user-friendly solution that could streamline their communication processes, support remote workers, and ensure reliable service.

Solution: TechmodeGO Collaboration Suite


  1. Inefficient Call Routing: Calls were often misdirected, leading to delays and frustration.
  2. Outdated Equipment: Existing communication infrastructure was aging and required costly upgrades.
  3. Remote Work: With more township employees working remotely, maintaining effective communication was challenging.
  4. Holiday Scheduling: Managing holiday schedules was time-consuming and required technical knowledge.
  5. Support and Reliability: The township needed reliable, round-the-clock support.


  1. Mobile App for Remote Workers: TechmodeGO’s mobile app allowed remote workers to mask their phone numbers with their official work numbers, maintaining professionalism and privacy. This was especially beneficial for fire department personnel who needed to communicate from the field.

  2. Video Conferencing: The TechmodeGO video conferencing feature enhanced communication across multiple township departments and the fire department. This allowed for efficient virtual meetings and collaboration without the need for physical presence.

  3. Integration and Reuse of Legacy Equipment: The township could integrate their existing overhead paging systems and other legacy equipment with TechmodeGO, avoiding unnecessary expenses and maximizing their current investments.

  4. 24/7 Support: TechmodeGO provided reliable, around-the-clock support, ensuring that the township’s communication systems were always operational.

  5. Easy Holiday Scheduling: With TechmodeGO, the township could easily schedule office hours and holidays years in advance with minimal effort. The user-friendly interface required no technical expertise, making the process straightforward for all staff members.

  6. Automated Call Routing: TechmodeGO’s call routing features ensured that calls were directed to the correct departments efficiently. The system also provided detailed reporting on lost or abandoned calls, helping the township identify and address any communication issues promptly.

  7. Integration with Third-Party Conference Room Phones: The solution respected the township’s budget constraints by allowing seamless integration with third-party conference room phones, eliminating the need for additional expenditures.


  1. Improved Communication Efficiency: The automated call routing and detailed reporting reduced call misdirection and improved overall communication efficiency.
  2. Cost Savings: By reusing existing equipment and integrating with third-party devices, the township saved significantly on upgrading their communication infrastructure.
  3. Enhanced Remote Work Capabilities: The mobile app allowed remote workers to maintain professional communication, improving overall productivity and flexibility.
  4. Simplified Scheduling: The easy-to-use holiday scheduling feature saved time and reduced the administrative burden on staff.
  5. Reliable Support: The 24/7 support ensured that any issues were promptly addressed, minimizing downtime and maintaining operational continuity.


The switch to the TechmodeGO Collaboration Suite transformed the Local Township Government and Fire Department’s communication systems. By integrating advanced features like the mobile app, video conferencing, and automated call routing, TechmodeGO provided a comprehensive, cost-effective solution that enhanced efficiency, supported remote work, and ensured reliable service.