Techmode Unified Communications Partner

Techmode is proud to be an AVST Unified Communications Partner. With more than 30 years of continuous innovation, Applied Voice & Speech Technologies, Inc. (AVST) is a trusted developer of software-based Unified Communications solutions for businesses of all sizes. Their passion is to develop communications solutions that transform the productivity of individuals, teams and businesses while leveraging the value of their existing and evolving IT infrastructure.

AVST provides the industry’s most interoperable Unified Communications platform on the market because it works with what you already have. Now your existing call control solutions, email systems, mobile devices, presence engines and data infrastructure can all work in harmony. Thousands of businesses worldwide rely on AVST to meet their “mission-critical” communications requirements today, align their business with key trends and with the world-class interoperability of AVST’s Unified Communications solutions, provide a bridge to their digital future.

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