Move to the cloud. Get free phones.

It’s just that simple. Move to the cloud and get free phones.

Why Should You Move Your Business Phone System To The Cloud?

Managing the System

Phone systems need regular maintenance. System management can be expensive and underestimated with an engineer making an average of $60,000 per year not including benefits. Costs related to maintaining can rise quickly, especially if your system is integrated with other applications or IT services. With TechmodeGO in the cloud, you can easily self-manage the system with a simple interface.


How will the on-premise system scale with peaks and lows in demand? It can’t. You need to buy capacity for peak utilization, even if it’s only used a few weeks out of the year. Any time you aren’t using it is wasted money. With TechmodeGO, you can quickly scale up as business needs require, no need to pay for what you don’t use.

Redundancy and Disaster Recovery

Adding site redundancy for a traditional prem system doubles the price, you will need an entire duplicate system to have full redundancy. You will need to account for the costs if you lose equipment due to flood, fire or electrical failure. TechmodeGO is in the cloud, your business communications are always available on multiple devices. Equipment loss or failure is no longer a concern.

Cloud Hybrid PBX Phone System.


Techmode has engineered Techmode GO Cloud Hybrid PBX Phone System, a fully featured, cloud hosted, extremely flexible hosted phone solution. TechmodeGO is perfect for small businesses, mid-market businesses and can easily scale up to suit enterprise clients. We built our solution specifically to help you move from an on premise system to the cloud, at the pace that best suits your business.

Unlimited Conference Bridges
Hunt Groups Included
Free Auto Attendants


Promos currently offered with a 60 month TechmodeGO contract

Avaya J 139- Free

Avaya J 169- Free

Avaya Equinox Mobility

Avaya Equinox makes conferencing in the office or on the go, a cost-cutting, ultra-productivity tool. Included with a TechmodeGO Advanced license.


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