Improving Township Government Communication with TechmodeGO: A Case Study


Effective communication is the backbone of any local or state government. Ensuring that citizens can easily reach the right department and that internal communications flow seamlessly between departments is crucial for operational efficiency and public satisfaction.

This whitepaper explores how a township government in Southeast MI utilized the TechmodeGO Collaboration Suite’s advanced call routing features to enhance communication across various departments, including the city clerk’s office, fire department, police department, and library.

The Challenge

The township government faced several communication challenges:

  • Inefficient Call Routing: Calls were often misdirected, leading to delays and frustration among both employees and the public.
  • High Rate of Abandoned Calls: Many calls went unanswered or were abandoned, causing dissatisfaction among citizens trying to reach critical services.
  • Complexity in Internal Communication: Connecting with different departments required navigating through multiple phone numbers and extensions, leading to inefficiencies.
  • Outdated Systems: The existing communication infrastructure was not equipped to handle the increasing volume and complexity of calls.

The Solution: TechmodeGO Collaboration Suite

To address these issues, the township government implemented the TechmodeGO Collaboration Suite. This solution provided a comprehensive set of features designed to streamline communication and improve efficiency.

Key Features Implemented

  • Advanced Call Routing: Calls could be routed based on the caller’s needs, ensuring they reached the most appropriate department or individual.
  • Extension Dialing Across Locations: All government locations, including the city clerk, fire department, police department, and library, could be dialed by extension, simplifying internal communications.
  • Automated Options Menus: Callers were presented with automated menus that guided them to the correct department, reducing misdirected calls.
  • Overflow Queues: During busy times, calls could be placed in overflow queues, ensuring no call went unanswered.
  • Detailed Call Reporting: The system provided reports on lost or abandoned calls, enabling the government to identify and address problem areas.

Implementation and Results

Improved Call Routing

With the implementation of TechmodeGO’s advanced call routing, the township government in Southeast MI saw immediate improvements:

  • Direct Routing to Departments: Callers could now be routed directly to the city clerk, fire department, police department, or library, based on their selection in the automated menu.
  • Extension Dialing: Employees could easily connect with colleagues in different departments using simple extension dialing, improving internal collaboration and response times.

Enhanced Public Access

The new call routing system made it easier for the public to reach the department they needed:

  • Simplified Menus: Clear and concise automated menus guided callers to the appropriate department without confusion.
  • Reduced Abandoned Calls: Within the first three months, the rate of abandoned calls decreased by 34%, indicating a significant improvement in the public’s ability to reach government services.

Internal Communication Efficiency

The extension dialing feature greatly improved communication between departments:

  • Quick Connections: Employees could connect with other departments quickly and easily, enhancing coordination and efficiency.
  • Unified System: A single communication platform for all departments reduced the complexity and cost of maintaining multiple systems.


The TechmodeGO Collaboration Suite has proven to be an invaluable tool for the township government in Southeast MI, addressing critical communication challenges and improving both public access to services and internal departmental coordination. The significant reduction in abandoned calls and the streamlined communication processes have led to higher efficiency and greater public satisfaction.

By leveraging the advanced call routing and other features of TechmodeGO, the township government in Southeast MI has set a new standard for effective communication in the public sector, ensuring that citizens receive the timely and efficient service they deserve.