Is the Cloud the Right Communication Strategy for Your Business?

Should you migrate your Avaya Communication Manager to the cloud? Assess and determine the optimal communications delivery model for your organization based on business, financial, and operational needs. Highly experienced consultants conduct a cost/benefit analysis of communications delivery options in the context of your business, create an executive summary for internal stakeholders, and make recommendations based on evidence.


Which Cloud Transformation Option is Best for You?

Once you determine that a cloud strategy is right for you, formulate the optimum approach and identify steps to move in that direction. Your questions and concerns about cloud services, including security and privacy, service levels, integration of cloud with your existing systems, and network readiness, performance, and reliability are all addressed. The operational steps to migrate your applications to the cloud are also included.

Choose the fast deployment model that works for you
Avoid upfront capital expense while moving to new technology
Pay only for what you use

Bringing the Best Cloud Migration Solution to Existing Business Applications


An architectural design and integration plan defines communications integration of the recommended cloud solution with your business processes and back-office applications, such as ERP and CRM systems, databases, e-mail, collaboration suite, and contact center applications. These services are available regardless of which type of cloud communications solution you choose—managed cloud, fully hosted cloud, or a hybrid approach.

Building a Private Cloud for Your Business

Techmode and Avaya create your cloud on dedicated hardware for security, database privacy, flexibility and adaptability. Have your cloud hosted either at an Avaya-provided data center or in your own data center. Either way, Techmode and Avaya will install, operate, manage and deliver your service. Use the time saved on in-house management of unified communications, contact center, and hosted applications to re-focus on your core business.

Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership

Control operating costs when you maximize the performance of your enterprise communications systems. Get more from your highly skilled IT staff when they’re freed up to focus on the most value-added work.

Let's Plan Your Migration


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