What is an Phone System Hosted in AWS?

With hosting services such as Amazon Web Services, cloud hosting has never been more reliable or accessible to businesses. Techmode has engineered ways to host full featured PBX business phone systems in the AWS cloud. In this type of environment, your team is more available to streamline your business processes, provide better customer service, and deliver more profits for the business.


What are the Benefits of an AWS Hosted Phone System?



Global Deployements
Techmode was one of the first companies to host enterprise phone systems in the cloud.
AWS Redundancy
We guarantee maximum up-time and quick recovery with Amazon Web Services redundancy.
Flexible and Scalable
Hosting phone systems in AWS allows your solution to scale easily as your business needs change.

Who Should Consider Using a Business Phone System Hosted in AWS?

Hosting your enterprise business phone system in AWS is a great option for any business. There are many configurations available, making the perfect solution possible for every circumstance. Reliability, up time guarantees, security and scalability are better than ever before.


What are Some Downsides to Hosting a Phone System in AWS?


Unplanned Downtime

Any time you host a system, there will be unplanned downtime, whether you keep equipment on site at your business, or host in the cloud. AWS offers up time guarantees and will issue refund credits for downtime.


Depending on your needs, you may find that cloud solutions cost a little more than traditional enterprise on premise phone systems. While hosting your phone system in AWS may cost a bit more overall, it allows you to shift costs from CAPEX to OPEX. Moving the budget to OPEX allows you to free up cash or avoid financing a major expense like an on premise phone system.

How is Techmode Using AWS?


Techmode has engineered Techmode GO Cloud Hybrid Phone Solution in AWS, a world class, highly advanced, extremely flexible hosted phone solution, perfect for small businesses, mid-market businesses and can easily scale up to suit enterprise clients. Techmode GO is specifically designed to help you move from a prem system to the cloud, at the pace that best suits your business.



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