Get voice, video, conferencing, and chat, all with hybrid phone systems. Provide a best of breed feature set and experience to your employees, from any location. Optimize your business communications and improve your customer experience with the best all-in-one cloud phone solution.
Your TechmodeGO cloud hybrid phone solution is easy to setup and install, it works just like any other hosted solution but with additional flexibility including support for VPN connections, onsite resiliency, and advanced custom integrations. Admins can quickly and easily manage users, locations and devices – anywhere, anytime. Easily scale up or down in users or handsets as needed without extra fees or penalties***.
Empower your users to control many of their own settings. Allowing employees to create their own preferences and settings can increase productivity.

Custom Solutions Make a World of Difference

Cloud hybrid phone systems do not require the upfront capital investment, complicated billing or costs associated with legacy phone systems, while still being completely customized to suite all of your business needs. All-inclusive pricing incorporates everything you would need, including a rich feature set with low, predictable, OPEX costs, all in 1 simple monthly bill. Choosing a hybrid phone system significantly reduces setup and ongoing maintenance. Users can be fully configured and ready for calls within minutes.
With a cloud based system with the ability for onsite resilience, you will enjoy the reliability and security of a prem system, with all of the flexibility of the cloud. There's much less or no hardware to maintain.; updates and new features can appear automatically.
Contact Techmode today and discover how easy it is to migrate your current business phone system to a custom hybrid phone system.
***Scalability will vary depending on your solution***

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