Techmode Contact Center Solution

Manage your customer contacts all at one point, a contact center solution. Phone calls, letters, faxes, live support software, social media, instant message, and e-mail points of contact are all controlled and by the contact center. The system is coordinated to maximize the abilities of people, processes, technologies and customer support strategies that provide access to information, resources, and expertise. It enables interactions that creates value for the customer and your organization.
Important information is routed appropriately, contacts and data are tracked and recorded. Using this valuable tool is a means of managing and improving your customer interaction, journey and experience.
From internal operations to customer relationship management, 5 agents to 5,000 agents, onsite or hosted, Techmode offers affordable contact center solutions to help make your entire business more effective and efficient.
We proudly partner with Avaya, NetLert and Enghouse Interactive. These options provide you with the contact center solution that’s right for you.

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